The connection between body, thoughts and emotions

Each of us has an interconnected organism inside, where thoughts and emotions are reflected in the body, and habits with which we live for years become a part of ourselves and affect thinking and conclusions. Today I will tell you how you can come to a balance of these three components.

Do you know that thoughts are not the same as emotions? Do you understand when the body speaks and when the mind? Most people don't distinguish these three zones and live at the call of the leading one, ignoring the other two. And this problem doesn't seem to be relevant, but let's have a look at what happens when there is an imbalance and ignoring one of the zones.

Body is a leading area for animals. There are certainly people for whom this area is more tangible. In this case, for a person, his bodily sensations become more important and they are the main motive for his activity. Unfortunately, there are not many such people. Basically, people don't know how to hear their body. We pay attention to it only when something hurts.

There are also people who pays attention first of all at their feelings. A side effect is the inability to assess the situation soundly, impulsiveness, recklessness, the constant search for problems and worries. Although in reality the development of feelings zone doesn't consist in increasing one's emotionality or expressiveness, but in being able to understand and distinguish one's emotions and feelings, to be in contact with them. From this point of view, there is a very small percentage of the population who know how to do it right.

For most of us, thoughts are leading. On the one hand, it might seem that this is not so bad, because thinking is much better than not using this function. However, thoughts usually suppress other zones completely. They replace our emotions and suppress body signals.

If we ignore the body, then chronic diseases and problems occur that will make themselves felt with age, as soon as youth ceases to give us strength. These are those people who, at the age of 45, discover that their spine begins to hurt unbearably, because there are more than ten hernias; signals whose presence was suppressed before the pain was already unbearable. Those people who may cough or have rhinitis for months and not pay attention to it; who eat more or less than necessary. Body gives signals of any violation immediately and if for a certain time we do not respond to the signal, we stop sensing it to the extent that the brain is able to hide it.

If we ignore the feelings, we will not understand ourselves, we will do a lot of things that we don’t like, we will not be able to find our place in life. In addition, we are likely to expect a psychosomatics. Any unconscious feelings that cannot find a way out in a natural way, find a way out through our body in the form of diseases.

When we don't allow ourselves to be angry or afraid, rejoice or cry, our body will process these emotions instead of us. Attitudes like: “Being angry with parents” is bad; “I must be a man, and they do not feel fear”; “I am a woman and should be soft and calm, so I can’t show anger” – these and similar attitudes lead to a direct ignorance of own feelings. But to lock feelings deep inside, to forbid oneself to experience them or not to realize them does not mean to get rid of them, therefore there will be no positive result from this.

If you ignore thoughts, then we will never know the true causes of their occurrence. Thoughts are closely connected with feelings and with body, and if they arise – there is a reason. We tend to ignore the thought that if I don't heal, I can die. And in general, many people don't want to think about death. Or that some actions can have bad consequences. It is enough to simply forbid yourself to think about certain topics, but this will lead to consequences. When there are too many thoughts, we have a mess in the head and problems with body and feelings, but when there are too few of them, there are no less problems. That is why it is worth looking for ways to balance thoughts, feelings and body, because only in this way we can find inner balance.

I like Louise Hay's saying:

“I'm not trying to fix the problem. I correct my thoughts. And then the problem corrects itself”

In search of this balance, we often cannot understand and name those feelings that are happening to us. Emotions become inaccessible to a consciousness that is only filled with thoughts, since we have been taught from childhood to think a lot. Person realizes that something is happening to him, but does not understand WHAT at all. In search of an explanation of his condition, lots of diseases show up, a fear comes up that a person is sick. Because it is difficult to believe that feelings, not illnesses, can lead to such bodily sensations. But this is so – a preponderance in the sphere of thoughts and ignoring of feelings led to a body suffering.

It's important to fell yourselfand be aware in all three zones. Right now you can try to answer yourself three questions:

1) What do I think? 2) Herewith, what do I feel? 3) What does my body says?

Write down these questions for yourself, reflect and FEEL what is happening inside your universe. The practice of asking yourself such questions can help a lot in learning to feel completely from differend sides. You can sometimes catch yourself on certain actions or words and ask yourself which of the zones brought me to this. Learning to hear yourself is not easy, but the result of this can be getting rid of many problems.

Share your experience in the comments, I will be glad to give your recommendations and answer your questions.


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