Can you drop yourself to the unknown and listen to your body?

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Massage is a sacred dance between flying hands and a body willing to reborn. Taking care of the body and honoring it is a main goal of healing massage. My intention is to make you experience inner sensations and fall in love with your own body, which carries the mystery of your soul.

Healing arises from life inside myself seeking to meet the life in another human being. Connecting together, two lives are creating a difference. I'm inviting you to meet your body and listen to it's story.


My practice is a fusion of therapeutical and energetical Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, Balinese techniques and elements of body tuning. Technique is highly effective for releasing pain, addressing musculoskeletal dysfunction, relaxing, energizing and toning body. Ancient Hawaiian massage is a sacred practice healing body and soul on deep layers.


I'm receiving continuous education and training in Switzerland, Indonesia and India for the last 5 years.


This massage is a gentle but firm approach that is highly effective for addressing muscuoskeletal dysfunction, releasing pain and relaxing, energizing and toning body. Lomi incorporates rhythmic, dance-like movements using forearms, palms, fingers, elbows, knees, in addition to spiritual chats, prayers, and guided meditations. Lomi massage technique is both therapeutical and specific addressing imbalances and limitations, as well as improving circulation, lymphatic system and overall well being.


This is a sacred bodywork from Pre-Palinesian times which was practicing for 10 hours during 15 days in a temple. Ancient Hawaiian people believed that matter and spirit are One. Before you receive this work, Kahuna (the bodyworker) would draw a line - if you are ready to die with old and be born with new. Today it is also to ask yourself: Are you open to change? This work comprises emotional, spiritual, body and mental aspects of personality and open deep layers inside. It connects the individual with own thoughts, feelings and sensations, and balances them. This sacred practice can be especially beneficial during an emotional, mental or physical transition.

Designed to awakes the spirit in the body, session takes from 2 to 3 hours, includes special music and sacred rituals. Details will be introduced in personal conversation. 

Let the creature of your spine land back to the body



Bachwiesenstrasse 117

Zurich, Switzerland

Tel: +7 777 261 71 37 (whatsapp)

      +41 779 220 224 (while in CH)

Email: larissa.konyukhova@gmail.com

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